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Celebration of Taste !!!
Delicious Delight is where the rendezvous of ethnic tastes from around the globe happens. Delicious recipes, right ingredients in right proportions, mouth watering aroma all come together to arouse your tastebuds. Choose and experience the true delight.

Mutton curry

Mutton Curry is the delicious Confluence of boneless mutton pieces, ginger, garlic, spices and rich coconut milk- enjoy it with warm Naan or rice.

Mutton Patty Fritters

Ground Mutton, mashed potatoes and spices make a happy delicious mix in Mutton Patty Fritters.Best served with mint, chutney or sauce of choice.

Mutton pepper fry

Tender mutton pieces are roasted in a mix of ginger, garlic, caramelized onions, spices, and black pepper. Enjoy this specialty of the Malabar region of kerala, India with rice or Indian breads.

mutton puffs

Ground mutton cooked with mashed potatoes and spices, nestling in light and flaky puff pastry is a great snack for all seasons.

mutton stew

The delicious boneless mutton stew is delicately flavored with a mix of spices and coconut milk. It tastes great with Appam and Idiappam.

Tapioca with beef

Tapioca With Beef is one of the most popular Tapioca dishes among food lovers. The special combination of boiled Tapioca and spicy Beef make it very unique. It's a delicious, one-pot gourmet delight that will definitely impress your family and friends!