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Following are the Product Categories we currently have: click on the images to check out the Products under each Category!

Celebration Cakes

Celebration Cakes

Cakes are for Celebrations

Choose from our Delicious Specialty Plum Cakes, crafted to delight your palate, whatever be the occasion!

Delicious Delights Flour Products Category Image

Flour Products

Flours are key to great cooking

Check out our collection of Flour Products. Now make your favourite Flour-based Foods instantly!

Delicious Delights Combination Platters Category

Combination Platters

Entire Meals in a Pack

Hungry? Check out our large range of Combination Platters – Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian, for bliss!

Bottled Snacks Category Image

Bottled Snacks

Hunger Returns. Invariably.

Combat it by keeping a stock of your favourite Delicious Delights Snacks. Check out our range of over 25 Bottled Snacks!

Rusks & Biscotti Snacks Category Image

Rusks & Biscotti

Weapons against Hunger

Check out our expanding line of Rusks and Biscotti: traditional and innovative snacks crafted solely to delight you!

Delicious Delights Non Vegetarian Category

Non Vegetarian Foods

Non Vegetarian Dishes

Augment your Breads or Rice-based meals with our delicious range of Non Vegetarian dishes, numbering over 20 items!