Where to shop for our Products in the US?

All Indian Stores carry our Products across the United States. Not all our Brands or Products may be available at a particular Store and at a particular time, though.

If you are looking for a particular Product/ Brand of ours, do ask the Store Keeper for the Product and/ or Brand by name. In our experience, Store Keepers are only too happy to assist you!

30 thoughts on “Where to shop for our Products in the US?

    1. Hello Rahat, you will find Delicious Delight products (as well as products from our other Brands) at most Indian Stores in the US.

      If the product you are looking for is not available, do request the Store Manager to order the same from us. In our experience, they are delighted to take your orders.

  1. A round of applause for your products! I have been a regular customer for about 2 years now and have enjoyed all that I have tried! Your Website looks very pretty too! Great!

  2. Your Mutton Puffs are very good. But supply at local Indian stores in the Minneapolis St. Paul area is not consistent at all.

    1. Hello Clarence, Thank you for your patronage! Do take a picture of any problem pack you may have, including the Expiry Date and the name of the Store you purchased it from. We will probe further into what is the reason for this inconsistency you have observed! Thank you once again!

  3. I liked your Kerala chicken curry, but in that store I could only find this product.
    What are the stores in Chicago where I can buy your items? Please name those stores with their address and telephone numbers
    Thank you

    1. Hello Venugopal, Thank you for your patronage! All Indian stores across the US carry our brands and products. Do approach the Store Manager of your favourite Store for supplies of any particular product, in our experience, they are only delighted to take your orders and order it from us! At the moment, we are not equipped for Online Orders or Home Deliveries…

    1. Hello Shahbaz, You can order our brands/ products at most Indian Stores in the Houston area. If your particular product is not available during your visit, do request the Store Manager to stock up – in our experience, they are delighted to stock whatever customers want!

  4. I will recommend your products to my friends. I loved tasting some of your snacks, especially Banana and Jackfruit Chips and they were simply amazing!

  5. Is there a whole sealer or retail merchant ,one can order you entries online, as I live quite far away from Indian grocery stores?

    1. We are not geared up to deliver online, Ramesh. You could explore the possibility of your favourite store stocking our products. Do write in to us with your location, your favourite Store and contact details of the store, for us to explore options.

      Thank you for getting in touch!

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